Cesky Krumlov by shuttle bus, Da best place to go.

I and my mates went for a Euro trip and we loved it! Enjoyed everything to the fullest! About our visit in Czech Republic, I can only say: women, beer, women, beer and SURPRISINGLY architecture and history. We haven´t expected to see, what we saw, Cesky Krumlov town is. Its freakin´ medieval!

Cesky Krumlov town

We got to Cesky Krumlov by a shuttle bus, which was nice and easy, cause we have been to the Cz buses before and man, u don’t wanna do that…. So we got there but had no accommodation booked. No problem, these guys from Expedicion recommended us a few places to stay right away. Nice. They also suggested a trip by a shuttle bus from Cesky Krumlov to Hallstatt - another freakin' beautiful austrian town.

Hallstatt town


We have chosen Hostel 99, cause it has its own pub and we were told, that is the place it lives! Mate! Couldn´t choose better. The pub was right next to our accommodation, and the meals! You just can´t resist! Sure we had beers with it and then went out for a night tour. It was like a dream, no kiddin´. I just felt like missing the armour, sword and horse. You want to see that! Plus, the streets were full of people from all around the world. We have met Aussies, Germans, Polish, Armenian, and Ussies.

Next day we called the Expedition guys and booked kickbikes trip. A minibus picked us up right at the hostel and gave as a ride up this big hill called Klet. From the top we saw the Alps! Down we went, cool! I won the race down and Stephen, saying hello, fell and ended up in bushes. He is lucky he had a helmet, though he didn´t wanna wear it. Then we took rafting on Vltava river. Got some beer and had the best time. The illuminated castle and the old houses all around the river… This just gets to you.

After that we went right back to our hostel to be prepared for the morning activities we decided for. We went rock climbing and then to see a play in the revolving theatre they have in the castle garden. It is very unique. Overall mate, this was awesome. This upcoming holiday we are coming back for more.

Ave beer and fun!

Published: 14 September '20

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