MCX Commodity Trading Company in India

Who controls the match fixtures in international cricket? BCCI. Who controls the banking processes in India? The RBI. Who controls the stock market operations in India? The Bombay Stock Exchange. Similarly, Multi commodity Exchange is the controlling body for commodity trading in India.


It is the first listed commodity exchange in India which helps in performing online commodity trading. It mainly deals with metal and energy trading. It has been awarded as the "Best Exchange in Bullion 2018" awarded by the Assocham 11th International Gold Summit on September 2018. It has been known to incorporate the latest technologies to perform trading.

Trader work station

It is the application through which the traders can place and execute their trades. The orders can be placed based on the time and price conditions. It is tailor made suiting the needs of the user.

MCX Trading Account

The basic requirement to perform trades related to commodity is a trading account. You can approach an online trading company like 500 per crore to open a trading account and start your transactions. Then, open a demat account with a bank or a licensed stock broker.

Fill an application form to proceed with the process. Based on your financial strength, the company will give a list of options to you for trading. You need to provide the company with the documentation containing your proof. Once you are done with this process, the company will take few days to process your application and approve it.

Once the account is open, you must deposit an initial margin amount in your account to proceed with the transactions. It is a very simple process and can be done with ease.

  • Commodities help in the diversification of your portfolio. Even when the value of stock decreases, it doesn’t have any major impact on the value of the commodities. It is affected by geo political factors as well.
  • During times of inflation, the value of currency depreciates. This increases the price of the commodities. Hence, during times of heightened inflation, commodities help you to breathe a whiff of fresh air with no worries.
  • During the adverse times of financial crisis, commodities can be used as a medium of hedging. They can be used as a buffer against heavy losses. This can have a bad impact on the stocks but not on commodities.
  • Commodities are known to give higher returns that other forms of investments. If handles properly, it can be a source of greater profits than other sources.

With the immense benefits it offers, it is the wisest choice for trading. It will help during times of great adversity. It serves as an asset during times of inflation. Even though it has its own cons, channeling the trade towards the positives, it can provide good returns. Still feeling confused? You can approach an online company like 500 per crore who will guide you in every step you take. Happy investing!

Published: 30 October '20

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