Blockchain - A Boon for Supply Chain Management

As we are aware that supply chain management plays a vital role in maintaining the standard of a country’s economy. Many hurdles are being faced in supply chain management while maintaining track records,  logistical data, and traceability of goods and services. As blockchain began to evolve in many other fields, it also began to set its footprint in supply chain management. Let’s discuss its vast effects on supply change management below: 

Traceability and Transparency
Blockchain allows users to track the goods from their initial raw stage to the final delivery stage. This can make companies easier to track any corrections or errors with the product sooner and rectify them within its production. Mainly, this traceability factor increases transparency between companies which directly increases the trust of a company which in turn may become a significant factor in the rise of sales, as we know, the sales of a company mainly depend on trust.

Data security:
Supply chain management usually requires large data files for storing information regarding employees, goods, cost reports, timing reports, delivery reports, and so on. There is always a high risk that these data are in serious danger of being easy targets for hackers or sometimes the data may be theft. Since the data in a blockchain area is stored in a decentralized database, the risk of tampering or hacks is probably low

Reducing Trading disputes:
Blockchain could pay ways for trade-related transactions effectively. In normal transactions sometimes unwanted disputes may arise due to server issues. But blockchain reduces such disputes and makes the transaction better and smoother. Most importantly dispute resolution-related rules can also be incorporated with blockchain when required.

Time Management:
Since blockchain traces the records of a product from scratch to sale, estimated time can be predicted which manages time consumption in productivity. The customer can now view where his product comes from. The time taken for a shipment to reach its destiny can now be predicted with ease hence no delivery can be delivered.

Less paperwork:
As everything in a supply chain is digitalized such as No Objection certificates, and entry forms, the paperwork is greatly reduced which in turn reduces the administrative cost and time.

Smart contracts:
Now the consumer and seller can come into a direct agreement contract in the blockchain. These contracts are incorporated in blockchain through a line of code and prove as a strong trustable source between the seller and buyer.

Due to the evolution of blockchain technology, many entrepreneurs and businesses are ready to show their interest in building their own blockchain software and incorporating blockchain in supply chain management. Many companies have already implemented blockchain in supply chain management. After my analysis, I conclude that it's the best choice and right time for building your own blockchain supply chain software. Many companies are on the ground to offer you blockchain software andIf you are looking to build a blockchain for supply chain management, handshake with Addus Technologies. It is the leading blockchain development company. It has a group of experts to develop your supply chain management with blockchain within a short span of time.

Published: 21 July '23

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