Dress to Impress

Whatever be the occasion, you should always dress to impress. This is the reason why you need to spend a few minutes in order to find the right outfit to wear on an occasion. Your sense of dressing must reflect your whole personality and character. So, spending a few extra minutes on your dress selection never goes waste. More importantly, when you look good, you feel good and confident.

Always be prepared

When you leave your house, be prepared for the unexpected. You never know if you would have to go for a sudden meeting with your client or encounter with some special friend on your way. If you are going to work, it’s important to dress professionally. You may have to meet your boss anytime, and you can’t afford to look unprofessional.

A confidence boost

Dressing perfectly will always add to your self-confidence. A confident person can leave lasting impressions on everyone he/she meets with. Your confidence will help you in accomplishing your goals and succeed in life. You can win the hearts of your clients when dressed properly in a business suit only. In casual situations, you should wear happy colors that can radiate positive vibes.

Completing your dressing

It’s not just the business suit that will help you look professional. You need to choose accessories also very carefully, such as your shoes, belt, necktie and others. These accessories must compliment your dressing. For example, you can’t afford to wear brown shoes with your black suit.


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Wardrobe versatility

You never know when you have to dress yourself for an important meeting. This is the reason why you need to keep your wardrobe always arranged. The combination of shirt, trouser, jacket etc. should be in place, so that you can dress up quickly. Without wasting your time in searching the belt or shocks that will go well with your dress, better to keep them arranged in advance.

Getting your perfect dress

Your wardrobe should always have ample number of dresses that you will wear everyday throughout the week. But you may not just pick any dress from the market and fill your wardrobe. But you need to pick the dress that matches your personality. At Ambassador & Smart Fashion (AMBFA), we stitch both professional and casual dresses that could be a reflection of your persona. It’s not important to just wear a dress, but a perfect dress.


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The way you dress determines your appearance. Your sense of dressing often helps others making an opinion about you. If you want to impress others, you need to dress in a manner that presents your versatility. There is indeed no need to spend a fortune on your dress, but can take advantage of our bespoke tailoring that is available at a reasonable cost.

Ambassador & Smart Fashion is the Best Tailor in Bangkok.

They produce quality bespoke clothrs for both men and women. They have been in this industry for more than 50 years, It's a family business now on the 3rd genenration. 

Published: 8 September '20

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