Benefits of Oz Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters


Energy Saving

Most people shade their windows from the inside with blinds, curtains, etc. However, this only partially shades the house. The sunlight hits the windows and heats them up, it then enters the room and heats up the shading devices, the windows and the space between them. These elements act like a heater and are constantly heating the home when exposed to the sun.

Oz Roller Shutters are the ultimate solution to this problem. They stop the heat energy before it even has a chance to reach your windows! They are made from high-quality aluminum with an insulating foam core. The shutters also create an air space between the shutters and the windows, creating an additional energy barrier.

Exterior rolling shutters can reduce the temperature of your window glass by over 4°C! This additional insulating capacity can significantly reduce your cooling costs, which is particularly important for the hot and dry conditions of Australia. These window shutters are also very effective at keeping your home warm in the winter months. Oz Roller Shutters can save you up to 40% on your energy bill and can eventually pay for themselves in energy savings, in addition to the environmental benefits of reduced energy consumption.


Oz Roller Shutters are an enhancement to your home security that is an excellent crime deterrent! They protect your home and family against threats such as burglary and vandalism by making it difficult for a thief to access your windows and doors. Once in the down position, the shutters activate a system that prevents them from being rolled up by force, so once down they remain down.

Oz Roller Shutters provide an excellent physical barrier against entry that deters intruders and protects your windows and doors against breakage. There are no outside locks that can be picked or tampered with.

Protection from Wind and Storms

Oz Roller Shutters provide a significant year-round protection from storms, including severe winds, pounding rain, hail and dangerous flying debris. Oz Roller Shutters will typically prevent the extreme damage that can occur to a home in severe weather conditions. The computer-aided design of the individual shutter panels is intended to effectively shed pounding rain for years and never show any damage. You will probably never need all the powerful protection that Oz Roller Shutters offer, but it's nice to know it's there if you need it.

Light Control and Privacy

Like to sleep during the day and want your room completely black? Want to enjoy movies in your home theater in darkness? We have the solution for you. Oz Roller shutters eliminate the annoying glare of bright sunlight and protect the interior and contents of your home by blocking out damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays.The roller shades can be adjusted to any light and ventilation level desired.

When closed, the shutter panels each reveal a row of ventilation holes that allow some light and air to pass through. The shutters then can be locked down in the completely closed position, in which the blinds block over 99.5% of the light, making your room as entirely black as you desire. Your home is your sanctuary and a place for privacy in which you can relax and unwind. Oz Roller shutters will provide you with all the privacy you need.

Noise Control

In addition to privacy and light control, the shutters reduce your stress level by providing the additional benefits of significant noise reduction. The insulating qualities of our rolling shutters can reduce the ambient noise level by up to 10dB or more, especially at higher frequencies. Oz Roller Shutters can typically be expected to reduce the level of exterior noise by 2db to 15 db.are Noises that were a nuisance before will now be barely noticeable

Published: 17 September '20

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