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What is Favicon?

Short name for "Favorites Icon". It's an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. In most browsers favicon appears next to the web address of browser's URL bar at the top of the page, also favicons are displayed in lists of bookmarks and tabbed document interface.


Why favicon is important?

Nowadays technology brings many possibilities to spread word out to the world, but the visual appearance is still lay on fundamental basis such as image. All well known brands have their unique logo by which they can be easily recognized. Favicon helps to give to websites an identity by which it becomes recognizable for internet users.

Our goal is to make websites to become recognizable not only by their names, but also by their appearance

How can I get favicon?

There is many software and services on the web that have all the necessary tools to help you create favicon for your website. Although if you need to download to your computer a favicon of any particular website you can use service provided by also they have useful tutorials about creating favicons.

How many websites can I submit?

We have no limit for submissions by the same user as long as submitted URL does not exist in our directory.

How long submission will be listed in directory?

We keep submissions in our directory for one full year from the day of the approval. After that period favicon and website’s URL have to be submitted again (expiration notification email will be send to submitter before removal of a listing).

Can I submit URL with a referral (affiliate) link?

We accept submissions with referral links under our paid listing if the URL or an affiliate program that you referring, haven’t been listed yet.

If you have further questions please Contact Us


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