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Cashunclaimed has been awarded A+ rating with BBB

Cash Unclaimed favicon Cashunclaimed was recently awarded an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This A+ award signifies that Cashunclaimed is a reputable and legitimate company, despite the rumors on the company being a scam. This BBB rating clearly defies any talk about illegitimacy regarding the company.

Cashunclaimed is an unclaimed money listing service that lists millions of dollars in unclaimed money and property from all states throughout the country. Cashunclaimed provides a free unclaimed money search for your listed name. When a name is inputted, it pulls up all listings for that name and any variation of the name, using is new name-recognition technology.

Not only is Cashunclaimed an A+ BBB rated business, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Meaning, if one is not 100% satisfied by their service, they will get 100% of their money back! This guarantee is something Cashunclaimed highly prides itself in, and it honest when returning the money! Aside from the money back guarantee, Cashunclaimed is McAfee secured, so no identity can be stolen by any other 3rd parties.

Being one of the largest unclaimed money databases, Cashunclaimed has a major advantage over all competitors for unclaimed money access. They are able to access  millions of unclaimed money records for both state and federal accounts. They also have access to owners of unclaimed money or property, and have been at work, along with the state governments, to contact these owners and return the money to them.

This high award from the BBB only proves that Cashunclaimed is an excellent company to do business with. They even offer a 100% money back guarantee! Despite the rumors, will continue to do business and exceed its above-excellence rating. When conducting unclaimed money searches, Cashunclaimed has proven to be the best to do business with.

For more information on Cashunclaimed excellent BBB rating, visit the BBB website directly.

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